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About Us

The mission of the Reinvestment Task Force is to advocate for affordable housing, encourage small business growth and equitable economic development, and promote consumer education and fair access to financial services by assisting financial institutions with identifying the credit and savings needs of the San Diego region.

Created by the City and the County of San Diego, the Task Force monitors local banking practices and recommends lending strategies that benefit low- and moderate-income residents. Local banks are monitored for the percentage of deposits each reinvests back into the community through small-business loans, affordable housing development, and mortgage loans to residents in lower-income neighborhoods. (2018 RTF CRA Survey Report)

The Task Force also monitors local economic data to track trends in consumer debt, housing costs and home mortgages. It can intervene in bank mergers and negotiate with lenders in the region to develop reinvestment plans that benefit underserved communities. It provides a forum for discussion of community investment-related issues at its monthly meetings, and serves as a convener for collective action projects that focus and increase investment in communities around the county.

The Task Force is an outgrowth of the federal Community Reinvestment Act, which was enacted in 1977 to reduce discriminatory credit practices, also known as redlining, in low-income neighborhoods. The Task Force is funded by the County, the San Diego Housing Commission, and grants from RTF member banks.

It is jointly chaired by a member of the San Diego City Council and the County Board of Supervisors. The two co-chairs appoint 13 Task Force members representing five lending institutions, five community organizations, and the North, East and South parts of San Diego County.

Task Force Members

Monica Montgomery
San Diego City Council

Peter Armstrong
Wakeland Housing and Development Corporation

Antonio Barbosa
Wells Fargo

Sarah Bowles
JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Chi Elder

Rockette Ewell
US Bank

Ricardo Flores
Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC)

Pamela Gabriel
Bank of America

Nathan Fletcher

County Board of Supervisors

Kyra Greene
Center on Policy Initiatives (CPI)

Mitch Johnson
International Rescue Committee

Laura Nunn
San Diego Housing Federation

Frank Robinson
Union Bank

Elizabeth Schott
ACCION San Diego

Adolfo Ventura
MAAC Project

Task Force Staff

Daisy Gordon Crompton
RTF Manager
San Diego Housing Commission