Senate Bill 515- would significantly curb the amount of payday lending that occurs in our State.  The bill language is available here:

The bill would:

  • Establish an Annual Loan Limit Per Borrower to Prevent Repeat Borrowing:  By limiting the number of payday loans payday lenders can make to a borrower to 4 per year, SB 515 allows borrowers to continue to utilize emergency high-cost credit. To ensure compliance across all lenders in the state, the loan limit would be enforced by a database created and overseen by the Department of Corporations. This reform would maintain the current fee structure for payday loans.
  • Extend Minimum Loan Terms to Give Borrowers More Time to Repay Their Loans:  SB 515 increases the amount of time a borrower has to pay back a loan to 30 days per $100.  Currently payday loans are due in full typically in about 2 weeks, when research shows that most borrowers cannot meet other basic financial obligations without re-borrowing.
  • Establish Reasonable Requirements for Lenders to Assess Borrowers’ Ability to Repay Their Loans:  SB 515 proposes standards established in the 2010 CFLL small dollar loan pilot program (SB 1146, Florez) to ensure that both income and debt obligations are verified and considered before a loan can be made.
  • Allows a borrower who is unable to repay a payday loan in full on the due date to enter into an installment repayment plan. 
  • Requires payday lenders to provide additional information to the Department of Corporations for the annual report on the deferred deposit transaction law.

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