A total of 5 votes are needed to pass the bill out of committee at this time. 

Below is a list of all the Senate Banking committee members. If applicable, please call your Senator and urge his/her support. A roster and sample phone script can be found below.

Sample Phone Script:

I am calling from ___________(organization) to convey our support for SB 515, the payday loan reform bill which will come before the Senate banking committee next Wednesday, April 17th. We __________(describe organization’s work in the district, how many constituents you represent, etc.).

We are concerned about the practice of predatory payday lending in ________(your city) and in our state. Payday loans do more harm than good in our community and are not the kind of credit options that our communities need. The high cost, short term and lump sum repayment requirements for the loans create a cycle of debt for consumers who can’t afford to pay the entire loan back and still have money for their every day expenses. The industry takes advantage of working people living paycheck to paycheck. We need legislation such as SB 515 to protect consumers from the payday loan debt trap.

We urge Senator ______(your Senator) to support SB 515 by voting yes on the bill to pass it out of Senate Banking next week.

Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Committee Roster                    

Committee meets 1st and 3rd Wednesdays at 1:30 P.M. in Room 112.

JURISDICTION: Bills relating to financial institutions, commerce, international trade, retail credit interest rates and corporations.
It takes 5 votes to pass a bill. 

Letters are due to the Committee by 5 p.m. the Wednesday before the Hearing.  

Senator Lou Correa, Chair (D – 34).  916/651-4034.  Room 5052. Scheduler – Jeffrey Leader.  

Senator Jerry Hill (D – 13) 916/651-4013.  Room 5064.  Fax:  (916) 324-0283.      
CoS:  Nate Solov.     Scheduler – Marina Gonzales. 

Senator Tom Berryhill (Vice) (R – 14) 916/651- 4014.  Rm. 3076.  Fax: 916/327-3523.     
Banking staff:  Brent Finkel.   Scheduler:  Matthew Gallagher

Senator Jim Beall (D – 15) 651-4015.  Rm 2068.  Fax: 323-4529.                            
Staff :   Kenton Stanhope      SB 515 co-author. 

Senator Ron Calderon (D – 30) 651-4030.  Rm. 5066.  Fax: 327-8755.               
Banking Comm. staffer:    Rocky Rushing. 

Senator Ellen M. Corbett (D – 10) 651-4010.  Rm. 313.  Fax: 327-2433.              
Banking staffer:  Andrew LaMar.   Scheduler – Phyllis Chow. 

Senator Ben Hueso. (D – 40)
651-4040.  Rm. 2054  Fax: 327-3522                     
Banking staffer:  Lourdes Jiminez .    Scheduler – Daisy Luna. 

Senator Richard Roth (D – 31) 651-4031.  Rm. 4034.  Fax: 327-2187.                
Banking staff:  Rochelle Schmidt.     Scheduler – Trish Fontana.

Senator Mimi Walters (R – 37) 651- 4037.  Rm. 3086.  Fax: 445-9754.              
Banking staffer:  Stacy Cervenka.   Scheduler – Rita Shriver

Staff Director: Eileen Newhall
Assistant: Rae Flores
Phone: (916) 651-4102  FAX:  916/327-7093
Room 405, State Capitol,Sacramento 95814